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Bouncy Keys

By: IwillWRITE!13

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I love writing on bouncy keys.

The other keyboard for this computer started sticking, annoying for writing.

This one is old, keys dusty, and some weird gunk layers some keys, but the keys bounce up delightfully.

Like the keys of the computers at the library. 

I feel like this keyboard could keep up with my ideas.

I like this keyboard.

First published story on this website!

Message to Readers

Really any kind of feedback is fine with me. Just try to be nice with this, I've gotten like, one, maybe two notes about my writing, and they were from my mom. So, not alot of experience.

Peer Review

I would tell them that this piece is about a writer. A writer who likes to type on bouncy keys because they need a keyboard that can type as fast as ideas are flowing through their head. If I were to recommend this piece to someone, I'd recommend it to a fellow writer.

I felt like this was a relatable piece for writers because we've all been there. Our mind is racing faster than we can type or write! That is what gave this piece meaning to me.

There are a few places I highlighted that I felt could use more detail, including the introduction and conclusion. The beginning and end are very important. The beginning is what determines whether or not the reader keeps reading, and the end is what determines what the reader remembers your piece for. Keep that in mind as you think about those parts of a story, poem, or any other piece of writing.

Reviewer Comments

Great, relatable, enjoyable piece! Keep writing!