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Hi! I like to write poems and short stories. I would like advice on how to be a better writer.

Chapter 3 (Sparky's POV)

May 30, 2019


     I was chilling in my room, watching R rated movies when Damien bursts through the door.  "Sparky! Get your lusty A** up!"  Damien Yelled, as he panted. "What the hell is your problem dude?" I snapped at my friend. "Well! I don't feel like spending my precious hard earned money, so you're going to buy me what I want." He demanded. "Ha! You're a funny one.  Since when was it my job to buy you things?  If you need it so badly, either buy it yourself or find some brat with money to buy it for you." I said as I gave him a blank look, my scarlet eyes showing no sign of emotion.  "Yeah, I did." "Then who is it?" I already knew the answer, but I humored him with my question. "You" He smirked. "Ugh whatever, just let me change," I said as I stood from my spot, stretching. "Hurry up," Damien said before he left the room. I rolled my eyes and picked out a simple outfit; a dark red, long-sleeved crop top, paired with some black jean booty shorts.  I stalked out of the room as I clip on my signature leather choker. "Finally, you're ready," Damien said, staring at his phone. 'Ugh, he is so full of himself.' I thought. Damien always looked like a snooty rich kid, and he always will, that's just how he is.  His 'Daddy' gives him everything he wants, gold, diamonds, cars, land, etc. And the strange thing is, he lives in an apartment with a lustful JackoLope, but what do I care. "Let's go, d*ck head," I said blankly as I headed for the door. He followed.

       The moment I open the door, a girl runs past making me jump slightly. "Watch where you're going!" I yelled, but she was already in her apartment. "Ugh, kids these days. Am I right Damien?" I asked, slightly looking behind me at him. "MmHmm" was all he said. I rolled my eyes and walked down the hallway of the complex. My hips slightly swayed as I walked causing a few men to whistle at me. So, I gladly winked and blew them a kiss. 'God I love my body' I thought, smiling to myself.
Okie!  This is my friend's character!  She wrote is and sent it to me.  Enjoy!


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  • BrainDeadWrites

    Yay! That's me! I love how you changed two of my adult words to Lustful and Brat.

    4 months ago