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By: theunnaturalsquare


What can be sturdy?
Clearly not a flower.
But can it be sturdy?
It’s weak
But strong.
Holding itself together.
If a simple flower can do that,
why can’t I?
I’m broken.
Like egg shells.
Weak, like crackers.
But can I be strong?
Can I be sturdy?
You say I can.
Help me.
Teach me.
I want to be sturdy.

Message to Readers

I would love to know what you think about this.

Peer Review

i really liked the evolution of the tone of the piece, moving from pessimism towards optimism, and ending off on a hopeful note. it is a little predictable, but in the wave of angstsy poetry this is a breath of fresh air.

perhaps you could provide a little more context? idk i love this poem on its own

Reviewer Comments

though this was quite short it was really nice and refreshingly optimistic. good work!