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Hi! I like to write poems and short stories. I would like advice on how to be a better writer.

Chapter Two~Kit-Kat (Crystal's POV)

May 30, 2019


    I caught myself staring at the back of the girls head, daydreaming, when she turns to look at me.  She had a sucker in her mouth and looked very focused.  "Umm...Hello?" she said waving her hand in my face.  She had icy blue eyes and freckles.  "Sorry!  I didn't mean to stare.  Umm...what's your name?" I said awkwardly as she took the blue sucker out of her mouth.  "Kit, but my friends call me sugar.  I eat a LOT of candy so..." Kit said with a joyous tone, unwrapping a piece of chocolate.  "Hey," Kit says, "Do you want to come sit with me and my friends today.  I see that you always go sit alone, and it upsets me."  It upsets her!  How do I upset someone?  I just coexist.  "Sure," I say, trying to sound excited.  Honestly, I don't need to sit with her, but I don't want to make her more "upset".  

    After class, I go to find Kit and her friends.  I don't really WANT to sit there, but I do it anyway.  I introduce myself but drift off after that.  Kit starts to notice and gently steps on my foot.  "W-WHAA? Oh," I stammer as I slowly come back to reality.  Finally, the bell rings and I get to go back to class.  

    I ditch the girls and speed walk back to class.  Luckily, it is my last class before I get to walk home.  I sit in my seat and wait until the end of the day.  Finally, it is time to walk home.  I bolt until I get to my apartment and run to the elevator.  Running down the hall, I grab my keys and stop at my door.  Unlocking it, I jump up the stairs and fly to my bed.  Star tries to pull me up again, but she is unsuccessful.  "Go AWAY!" I shout with my head in my pillow.  I murmur profanity to myself as I roll out of bed again.  "Get up, dummy!  Stop being a Debbie Downer!" Star yells as I crawl to my computer.  "Hey, you know what?  We should go to the mall tomorrow.  You can get your ears pierced at that store next to the mall, and go get earrings at one of the stores!  Mabey you get get a boyfriend!" Star says getting excited soaring through the air.  I groan as I look up the store Star was mentioning.  


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  • BrainDeadWrites

    Hey, if i write my POV on my thing, you wanna just copy n paste it so it's on your account too? that sounds confusing .

    3 months ago