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June 1, 2019


They have silver tongues and spin golden lies,
I can't stop staring into their serpent eyes.
I will not fall for this trap.
But I will listen until the canary cries.
Although, I cannot help but love the song they sing.

Tell me something that will make me not so afraid of the dark.
They will choke on their gold and silver,
and I will keep all my rubies.
It will be the perfect happily ever after.  
A dazed daydream. ​​​​

I can sugar coat things as much as I like, but nothing is as my mother taught it to be.
I fade away so easily, dissolved into the wall.
Beige paint.  

Sleeping with my eyes wide open.
Lead feet.
It's almost like the day never ends.
One big loop.

The sun melts my brain like a popsicle.
I dissolve yet again, under the running water from the shower.
Washed down the drain.

My exhaustion reaches over everything like a weighted blanket.
Too heavy for me to get up from under.
I could sleep here all day.
Perhaps I will.

Everyday is a daydream.
When your head floats away like a balloon
Everything seems so much smaller.
Much easier to swallow.

My rubies hide in my pocket, I stay lost inside the beige walls.
Nothing matters,
Nothing exists.
My subconscious leaves all my symbolism sprinkled behind for me.

Living inside a daydream is quieter than the loudness of the real world.
Who gets to pick what is and isn’t real?
Whoever picks, always makes the worst decisions.

Falling into the spiral is like being enveloped into a warm hug.
You never want to leave, because as long as you’re there, you’re safe.
Eyes drifting shut;
I can be here for as long as I want.

There’s always a little catch though.
If I choose to leave, then I cannot return.
Lost inside the dream.

If I choose my insanity over my reason I cannot have the real world,
but I can have numbness of mind.
Who gets to pick what is and isn’t real?
Whoever picks always makes the worst decisions.
But I think I’m the one who picks.  


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