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By: Hanan Adi


No one speaks to me at all,
Although I speak to everyone;
As though I'm talking to a wall
From day's begin till it is done.

My love-filled parcels none unwrap,
My letters languish in the box,
Passed up for yet another app
That's spread among the youth like pox.

My thoughts, with eagerness I spoke,
Are left to float about in air,
For folk are dormant and unwoke,
Immersed in worlds not really there.

A smile, while waiting for the bus,
Is answered by a puzzled leer;
No one sees this group as “us,”
Though we all sit together here.

Perchance you are forsaken too,
By all the silent, sleeping folk,
Then I shall listen fain to you—
We'll share the wisdom of the woke.


Message to Readers

Comment if you can relate. Love you all.

Peer Review

What I love about this is how relatable it is to me and a thing that is bothering me is out so eloquently by you.

Do you still try...try to communicate with those who only seem to operate in a one way manner?

Reviewer Comments

Ahhhhh love this piece so much well done :D