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May 29, 2019


Rohan and Noragami became friends in elementary school, due to the simply fact that their names are manga references. And being friends, they went to each other houses.

And now, years after the first house visit, they still visit each other. One day, Noragami visted Rohan’s house. 

“You look....proud.” Norgami said to Rohan.

”Indeed. My pride makes me glow you know. I’m like a prideful sun.”

“I’ll hurl the comet know as my fist at you of you don’t tell me why you’re proud.”

”Uh...which one’s a comet again? Is that when it’s on earth?”

The comet crash landed into the sun, making it fall out of orbit. As Rohan landed on the ground in a daze, Norgami sighed again.

Rohan got back up after a few minutes.

”I built a city, that’s why I’m proud.”

”The hell...?”

”Come.” Rohan said, motioning to his computer and sitting down in front of it. 

“...So when you said you built a city...you meant you were playing Sim City...?”

”Yeah! I’m like a kami*!”

”Get the hell out.”

”This is my house.”

”Fair point,” He looked at the computer screen, and say the city Rohan had built, “Actually, I’m kind of impressed. It looks good...”

”Yeah dude! And I got no traffic too!”

”What...?” Norgami asked, now a bit intimated by his friends Sim City skills, ”Is that even possible?”

”Well I did it.” Rohan smirked, “I also got crime to a minimum, I have fire coverage everywhere, and I have a perfect residential, commercial, and industrial zone balance. Call me Kenchikka No Kami**!”

”I see.” Noragami, nodded, and pointed to one of the tabs on the screen, “What’s that for?”

”That’s the disaster tab.” Rohan clicked on it, “You can create disasters, like so.”

He clicked one of the options, and watched with a dumb founded expression as a tornado went over his precious city.

”I’ve made a huge mistake.”

*Japanese for god.

**God of Architecture


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