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No One Will Figure This One Out #Lovegood24'sContest

June 4, 2019


[Kristina enters Luke's Coffee Shoppe]

Sophie: Hello Ms.Greene. I am glad you are able to make it for coffee.
[Kristina sighs]
Kristina: Of course. I wanna help anyway I can. He is my sister's cat.
[Officer Martina nods]
Sophie: Okay, so surprisingly, your sister Ella doesn't have a picture of her cat so can you describe "Whiskers" for me.
Kristina: Sure! Well, he is just a plain black cat. He has kind of like snake eyes, they are green. Also his ears-
[A sound of thunder erupts just as a customer leaves the store]
[a sudden cry grabs everybody's attention]
Kristina: What was that?
Sophie: I don't know but we should check it out.
[Both walk outside the cafe]
[Mrs. Zoole crying]
Kristina: Mrs. Zoole?
Beverly: He's dead.
[Mrs. Zoole sniffles]
Beverly: I can't believe he just died like that. The thunder hit him and now the only man that I ever loved is dead. 
Kristina: Mrs. Zoole-
[Mrs. Zoole kisses her husband goodbye and walks away in sadness]
Sophie: Something ain't right.
Kristina: What do you mean?
Sophie: In this small town of yours. Something's fishy. The chance of being hit by thunder or lightning is very slim.
Kristina: Whatever. What are we going to do with Mr. Zoole's body?
Sophie: I'll call my guys and they will pick him up soon.
[Officer Martina walks away]
[Officer Martina comes back]
Sophie: Okay, my people are coming right way. Let's finish that coffee, shall we?
Kristina: Sure.
[Back at Luke's Coffee Shoppe]
Sophie: So what about the ears?
[Kristina takes a sip of coffee]
Kristina: Well-
[The cafe lights shut off] 
Kristina: AHHHH!
Narrator: And like that, she was gone. Never to be found again. The cop that day tried finding her witness dozens of times for over two years with no luck. Until somebody arrives at her door step.
[Officer Martina opens door]
Sophie: Oh my god.



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