I love writing Christian Fiction to Teenagers like me. When I was nine, after reading a book, I decided that I most definitely wanted to write like that author and after that, fell in love with the art.

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I love writing Christian Fiction for teenagers. I am participating in a challenge on a website called, National Novel Writing Month where people (kids, teenagers and adults) participate to write a novel in just a month! I love it! It takes place in November and I am writing a 50,000 word novel!


May 29, 2019

When all else fails, Lord
You stay strong.
When the lights go out
You're the light that stays on.
You stay by my side in the
Storms of life.
And you hold my hand
When I'm in strife.
You never left when I thought
You'd gone.
You've been here with me
All along.
You had a plan for me
And you didn't give me up.
You gave me another chance
When I thought my time was up.
Whenever I had failed you,
I cried out helplessly.
And your love, like the tide
Came in and rescued me.
Then I heard you softly
Knocking one day at my door.
I opened my heart and fell to the floor.
You offered me salvation,
With your arms open wide.
I said "Yes, Lord!" and you
Took the wheel of my life.
And ever since the day you
I've built my life on the solid rock.
So build your life on Jesus today,
And I promise you
He will show you the way.


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