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Who am I?

May 29, 2019

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I am no queen. I know this without a doubt. Who am I? It is a question that I always ask myself, although I can never find my answer. Am I a leader? A fighter? A lover? Shivers slide down my spine like a slippery snake as I think of all the things I don't want to be.

Am I as magnificent as a dragon who crushes it’s enemies with a single breath of ferocious fire? Who am I to compare myself to a mysterious, mythical beast as powerful as a dragon. I think of all the qualities I imagine myself having; kindness, intelligence, confidence yet I hope I have weaknesses and flaws too. Weaknesses and flaws, they make us stronger, they help form the person we become as we deal with the weaknesses or we overcome them. Yet I ask myself who am I? 

I am kind, strong, intelligent, funny, beautiful and so much more. I have so many weaknesses that try to pull me down like gravity pulls me back down to the planet we call Earth. However I push myself up against all my weaknesses and stay up float, never allowing my weaknesses to bring me down. Never! Who told me that I had all these qualities? I did, I shaped myself to be what I wanted to be and I will continue to do so. All the things I want to be, I will become.

I am a queen, I have no crown, no throne, no kingdom but I am a queen. I am a dragon, I may have no wings and I may not be able to fly but I strike down anyone who becomes my enemy, I do not make them. They are not puppets and I am not a puppeteer, I am not pulling their strings and forcing them to hate me against their will. I act neutral like a dragon and stare at everyone with piercing eyes that can pierce their souls, watching their every move like a predator hunts it’s prey. I keep all my thoughts to myself and just watch. Well unless I am threatened or insulted then I act and burn them to the ground. I am a leader, yet I have no followers.

Who I am? This is the question I have asked myself my whole life. I am who I make myself be! I will be who I want to be. I am the only one who will decide who I am, no one else but me. Yet while I know who I am.

Who will I be? 

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