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Most of my writers will be depressed, so warning to you. I'm always open for suggestions. I'll try to write when I can.

Am I Insane? ReWrite

May 30, 2019


Eyes twitching, fingers fidgeting,  feet tapping, and lip biting.

All eyes on me, staring down, stares going all around. 

Am I insane? I'm not sure,  but I've been called it before.

My weird nature, my strange stature, I could name more reasons why.

Everyone thinks I'm strange, everyone's thoughts the same. 

I'm not crazy, maybe lazy? I'm not sure anymore. 

'Bodies laying on the floor, bleeding bleeding even more. '

"I'm not insane, I'm not insane. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not ,I'M NOT!"

'My eyes are plain,  my hair the same, but people think I'm the one to blame.'

'They should all be dead,'
'For every little thing they said.'

'I could gut them all like a fish,'
'And serve them on a silver dish.'

"No way, must be normal, 
I need to act way more formal."

'But blood is a funny thing, '
'The sight makes me want to dance and sing.'

"No, Stop!"

'I do love guts'
'Guts, oh, guts'
'No Ifs, ands, or Buts!'
'The warmth in my hand,'
'Like hot summer sand,'
'They are delicious, mouth watering, savory treats,'
'Juicey, plump, organs that taste like sweets.'

"Stop it! Stop it!" 
"Get out of my head,
I don't want them all to be dead!"

My head is spinning
Insanity is surely winning

'You're becoming weaker by the day,'
'Time for insanity to come out to play.'

My head pulses with pain,
This is hell,

My first writing,  I know its bad, but I tried))  (I changed it up a bit, so it is now, the 'girl's' sanity fighting again her insanity. They both want the spotlight, but her sanity wants to do good, but her insanity has other plans)) (The first 6 lines are the girl's own thoughts, the rest is between her sanity and insanity, it may be a bit confusing, sorry!) ( " " = sanity  '  ' = insanity.  hopes that helps a bit -........................................................................................>    ^

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  • Emily_EVM

    This is in so way bad! It’s one of the best piece of work I’ve ever read. Please, keep writing.

    about 1 year ago
  • BrainDeadWrites

    Thank you so much! I tried, so I'm glad you liked it!

    about 1 year ago
  • Lottie McCallum

    Never call your work bad again! This is amazing, I didn't read the footnote before I read the poem and still really enjoyed it! I found it song like and almost a rap! You have a new follower :))

    about 1 year ago