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I love music, writing, and art. Music makes my soul feel alive and writing is the way I cope with things in my everyday life. I pour my feelings into writing, so I hope you like it. :)

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May 28, 2019


I am Black
I am white.
I am
And I know,
You may think that
They aren't alike.
But I am human
Just like everyone else.
I wasn’t always enough for people,
When I was a kid
They always wanted more.
I was always the one
To always get ignored.
I was born
An in-between child.
I was small, born with white skin.
But in the hood,
It’s like you gotta be black
To fit in.
I am black,
But I have white skin.
It’s alright though,
I don’t have to fit in.
Being born like this was kinda rough.
But you will learn as you grow up,
That things won’t ever be right
And you gotta stay tuff.
But I am better now,
I love who I am.
And in the end,
The only thing that matters
Is who I am within.
I am loving, caring, and kind.
I am white
I am black
I am


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1 Comment
  • Karen Umeora

    I love how this poem tells a story. Your words are soothing and strong as you assure the reader that everything will get better. Thank you for this masterpiece!

    about 1 year ago