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The Words to an Escape

By: Karen Umeora



They’re everywhere.

On posters.
On fliers.
In phones.

In minds.

They want to escape.
They want to fly.
They want to soar.
They want to be free.
They want to dance.

But they can’t.

They can’t do it themselves.
So she helps them.
Sort of…

Her fingers touch each key.
Touch each word to be.
Then they lift off.
They fly.
They soar.
They form a story.
They form a new world.
They form an escape.


I think there should be a whole holiday to celebrate words!

Words can create and destroy!

Words are truly beautiful.

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Honest, brutal feedback. No sugar-coating! I'm prepared :)
Also, please tell me about what you think of this piece. Please talk about my tone and your emotions while reading this!

Peer Review

The title "The Words to an Escape" gave me GIGANTIC wonder.

How did you find the inspiration to create this magnificent piece?

Reviewer Comments

Every word on here is very true. Thanks for writing this!