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The Seed

March 26, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    My name is Marigold Rodgers. I am 13 years old. I can only do as I am told. Everything I do and can do in life has to be approved.
    Nothing in life I do is out of the ordinary. Everyone on Earth lived in school and said nothing until lessons, or until rule day. Rule day was when they would remind us of all the rules we had, and the only time I'd get to see anybody other than my teacher.
    I was startled one day to find a dandelion seed fly through the tiny window of my room. It was June, so the window was open. Us at school have a small room to ourselves: A tiny bed, a desk, my textbooks, a toilet, and a chalkboard. The only way in is a door, and that is always locked, except for during lessons. I jumped off of my bed and ran over to grab the delicate seed. I needed to plant it somewhere, but I didn't know how.
    During lessons that day, I asked my teacher how seeds grew. She said with water, dirt, and sun. I knew exactly what to do when lessons ended. After lessons and homework were done, I decided to start growing the seed. I dragged my desk over to my window, and climbed on top of it. I put my arm through to grab just a handful of dirt. I put it underneath my bed, and plopped the seed on top of it. I covered the seed because it gets cold at night, and hoped it would sprout. Although some people call dandelions weeds, I see them as more. I see them as a beautiful flower. I decided to save it some water from lunch the next day.
    I laid on my bed and thought about my seed. I soon fell asleep, content with the seed's care. The next morning, I woke up and peeked under my bed. My pile of dirt was gone. My seed wasn't there. In lessons, my teacher told me that anything from outside had to stay outside, and that if it happened again, I would be kicked out of school.
    It was hard for me to not cry after that. The seed was my hope. It felt like the only interesting thing I had, and it was taken away from me. Just like they took away my parents from me. My hope. My future. My life.


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