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By: Madison Raynor


It wasn't my fault,
I swear.
It was something in my food,
or in the air.

I didn't mean to key the car,
I just saw it from afar.

And I didn't mean to set it on fire,
it was just a faulty tire.

I won't apologize for something I didn't do,
it could've happened to anyone
there's just no proof.

Sure the camera's caught me,
but they were hacked,
This is all really, really, quite silly.

So Dear Mr. Judge,
it's really not my fault,
that I blew the whole parking garage

Message to Readers

This was the first sentence that popped into my head when I woke up this morning, so...

Peer Review

This was a fun piece to read! It left me wondering if they really did it or not. (I'm guessing they're guilty.)

What was the judge's decision? If he said that they're guilty, then what is the punishment? Can you be more descriptive about what happened?

Reviewer Comments

I loved this piece! Great job, and keep writing!