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Leaving Refuge

By: halcyon

PROMPT: Refuge

Refuge is a place where people call you by your name, tasting sweet syllables on their tongues, hanging on to the meaning. It is a place where you spend so much time with your desk mates that you get a text, simple & sweet, when you miss a day, making sure you are okay. It is walking hallways you have memorized, passing people you know, noticing tiny changes (the poster is down, the windows were washed, room 202 is decorated for summer). Refuge is a place where, when one of us passes away, we go to classes where teachers aren't afraid to cry in front of us, and we cry too. The next week, in refuge, someone puts his picture on the wall, we all sign his yearbook again, and we all wear his favorite color. I find refuge in math classes where we debate more than solve, bouncing politics and ethics off of poster-smattered walls, cosign forgotten for the last 12 minutes of class. Refuge in assemblies where we all sing the same favorite song, and cheer when it ends. A place where the principal tells us how proud we are, and the lowerclassmen cheer as we leave the assembly hall one last time. And on the last day of senior year, the teacher signs all of our yearbooks, and we write poems, and the whole class tries not to cry.

Tomorrow, I leave refuge. 

Message to Readers


Peer Review

It gives so much kudos to a time period full of the same routine. It makes the narrator sad of leaving his/her refuge.

It made me never want to leave school or home or anything. In one instant, this piece made me grateful for everything in my life. Thank you.

Reviewer Comments

It is my pleasure reviewing this piece. I am glad you made it.