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Farewell, Fair Land

March 24, 2016

PROMPT: Time Traveler

Yea eighty-one before this latest dawning year,
My land, it was as no one now will ever know;
A hillocked sea of golden dust stretched boundless here—
But that was long, a long time ago.
Our camels staid and firm and tall as palms did stand,
Our slender steeds sped swifter than the wind could blow;
And we, we hardy folk were praised in every land—
But that was long, a long time ago.
As freedom calls unfettered feet so wide to roam,
So wide our anthems rang and trails of steps did flow;
The tent of every host inviting us was home—
But that was long, a long time ago.
The sun was white and never dimmed by smog or smoke,
The moonlit night gave sand the hue and coolth of snow;
From eve till morn the white stars danced just like our folk—
But that was long, a long time ago.
And we were rich, in all but wealth—so small a thing!
Yea one with whom we shared no love we did not know;
So free, at peace, lived we, so far from lord or king—
But that was long, a long time ago.
Yea eighty changeful years and one have passed since then;
The decades from that gladness unto now still grow—
The fairest things come once and never once again—
Farewell, farewell, O blessed long ago.


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