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Cliches and Old Days

By: Casual_Creations_

This is how kids are raised,
we're praised for not eating for days.
All stuck in that phase
of thinking our bodies are displays. Make-up painted on our face, 
thinking of another way
to make us look better than yesterday. We delay our grades and essays 
cause being dumb is the new craze.
I'm dying to go back to the old days
the cliches. 
You ever hear of that phrase
"I miss the good old days"
I miss the good old days...

Peer Review

This poem really makes me think about today and the society we listen to. I was left feeling aware of everything this poem had to offer and what it had to say.

I understand what the author is trying to say. I don't think the author needs to fix anything, language-wise.

My favorite line is, "I miss the good old days," because I really do miss the good old days. The days where I didn't have to worry about what I looked like and how I acted. Those were the days where the only thing people cared about was playing with friends.

This poem is really good and moving. I loved reading it and I felt as if I could relate to this. Not only can I relate, but many other teens might be able to relate as well,

Keep up the good work.

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