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Hannah Anderson


March 23, 2016

    Why is it that alcohol, a drug that kills approximately 88,000 people a year, is legal.  Yet certain drugs like marijuana has not been the specific reason for any deaths and all it is, is a plant.  Yet is illegal.  This statement alone bothers me.  Where is the logic?  Why haven’t we fixed this yet?
    From several things I’ve researched, read, or have seen, alcohol has worse effects to the body than marijuana.  Alcohol can seriously mess with your brain, blood, organs, and emotions.  It doesn’t  just affect you physically, but mentally too.  
You could become an addict.  You feel the need to have it all the time.  If it gets worse you have to have it everyday.  After that it can get to every couple hours.  And alcohol addicts, are the hardest to get sober.  Just because withdrawals are so brutal that they could die just from NOT having alcohol.
I’ve seen how alcoholics can affect a family.  I’ve lived and am still living with it.  I’ve seen my family go through hell and back because of alcohol.  They start off as just drinking on the weekends or when they don’t work and just having fun and laughing.  Then they start to drink anytime they get stressed.  All of a sudden it becomes a necessity.  You can’t function without it.
Death has come close to many people due to alcohol. Some have succeeded.   I just don’t understand why something so addictive and dangerous is legal.  It gives people even the slightest bit of risk of getting addicted or an accident to happen.  
So if alcohol is so highly addictive and dangerous, why is it that pot is illegal? It doesn't have addictive qualities and no severe health risks.  In fact it could even help.  There are some ways that marijuana can actually improve your health.
Marijuana impairs your lung function and increase your lung capacity, helps control epileptic seizures, stops cancer from spreading, decreases anxiety, slows progression of alzheimer's, bowel diseases, muscle spasms, and lessens the effects of treating hepatitis B. This green plant can relieve arthritis discomfort, soothes tremors for parkinson's, relaxes veterans with PTSD, provides protection for concussions and trauma, relieves pain from nausea from chemo, and even helps with nightmares. Pot also stimulates appetite rather known as “the munchies”, so this helps people going through things like chemo stay eating and healthy. Finally,  a rather one ironic for this paper is that marijuana helps people who are trying to cut back on drinking.
Some disorders like alcoholism involves disruption in the endocannabinoid system.  Therefore some people think cannabis could help.  Marijuana is safer than alcohol. Not to say it is risk free but it’s much less addictive and doesn’t nearly as much physical damage.
I’m also not just some big pot head.  I just believe that if we already have alcohol which is a much worse drug being legal, we should have a drug that could actually improve your health legal too. The legalization of marijuana also has improved the states that it is in. New schools have gone up, crime rates have gone down, and arrests for marijuana possession has gone down tremendously.  So the legalization could also help the states. If there are so many pros why can't the cons be ignored?  We should be trying to improve the world we live in. And maybe legalizing cannabis could help.


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