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March 11, 2015

The things I wish were true of life

     1. People stay friends forever

     2. You can always count on people to do the right thing. Even if it doesn't benefit themselves.

    3. Almost anything can be forgiven with a sincere apology.

    4. Men and women can be just friends. If one does have feelings for the other than it doesn't have to ruin the friendship.

    5. People understand and care.

Things I wish weren't true

    1. People grow apart. You can try but eventually you both just move on with your lives.

    2. People will do what's best for them. No matter the cost to others.

    3. Things aren't as simple as the should be. Feelings, especially bad ones, can be blinding. 

    4. Once someone devolopes feelings its all over. You can't go back.

    5. People care about themselves.


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