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Hi guys, this is my weird/deep outbursts called writing. I hope you like my posts, so like and comment on my recents! Thanks!

Blurry Perspective

May 31, 2019


I am looking through foggy water
For a stone I once dropped
Down is lies 
I still await it to float up

I am looking through old glasses
Hoping to improve my vision
Seeing that is what they are for
I now see worse
I can't see anymore

I am staring into a crystal ball 
Waiting for my fortune to be told
Waiting as nothing happens
Feeling myself growing old

I am running in circles 
Wanting a new destination 
My mind
Keeping me in the same loop
Now feeling great frustration

I watch my life 
Like I am speeding past
Trapped in a car
Behind blurry glass

Some days
I would like to open the door and leap out
Unworried by the pain I could face
Untouched by the fear I would experience

There are only some moments 
Spent doing something
That I am in control of 
That I can truly feel
That I am aware of 
That I am not on autopilot for
Those moments feel like a dream
Because when you are dreaming
You are seeing the true potential of your life
You are experiencing the love and joy that is unimaginable
Only some moments feel like dreams

A photograph in time
A scent from the past
A taste of the future

So jump out of the moving train 
Climb into the movie you are watching
Be bold
Stop watching
And start doing
Stop watching your life being lived
And live it yourself

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