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currently confused

unfinished symphony

July 7, 2019


i am unfinished
a piece in pieces
shattered music

you are unfinished
an artistic stroke of a thick brush
stopped midway
not enough colours to turn into a dirty black

we are unfinished
we do not end here
we have more to go, unlike
a meteor that only shines for that brief moment

we are a small star unnoticeable
burning weakly
but passionately

we are not done yet
we do not end here
we are broken chords
and imperfect melodies

let the stars sing their songs
let them compose their music
we will write ours
many snippets of notes that clash
and we do not end here
let the flowers bloom and wither
let the sun rise and set into darkness
to rise again
let the leaves fall to the ground in their last dance
let the snow melt into another spring
we do not end here

we are two 
not one

we are broken
we refuse to end here


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