these are my letters
to myself.

Message from Writer

sometimes i think i shape the words.
sometimes i think they shape me.

barb song

May 26, 2019



rosebushes     i saw one evening the rabbit         caught in thorns kicking,     screaming the poor thing.         rosebushes keeping         it caged; and the fox that followed, and the thorns tearing, tearing. i weep tears         and they seemed so red.         the rosebushes are         growing    thickly and i cut my hands,  each         evening, waiting for the roses. thick         red, bleeding             pink and         open hands                -- and the want for them, like         rabbits want roots         and foxes want         rabbits. a hawk i saw got         caught in the             rosebush, feeding on rot        , and she kicked         and she  cawed. the                     thorns             got in her, beneath her,        and                 she was so scared ,        screaming.         i cut the thorns off each evening. rosebushes,         growing.     they bloom and deceive


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