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May 2, 2015

Alot of people walk around thinking they are perfect. Being a person who doesnt walk around thinking that is a rare thing. Catching glances at popular people thinking why can't that be me. Doubting I will be beautiful or make it in this world. Everyone has their own insecurities, not a lot people know about other peoples. Falling back into reality after dreaming about having a perfect life. Guess what, that will never happen for me or for anyone. 

How we act is what determines, what people think of you. I know this might seem like a shock to some people but we should all know this by now. Just be who are and accept yourself. Know what you want and try to achieve it. Love might bring some people together but it could sometimes tear some people apart. Maybe you think this all stupid but you never know. Now some people are nicer than other people. 

Other times you might feel like you are on top than you can fall right to the bottom. Please don't judge people by their cover, like they are a book. Quit acting like you think people want you to and be yourself. Respect yourself and don't treat your body like it's dirt. Stop dressing like you think you should to be accepted and express yourself. Try to be yourself and if they don't like it, pretend they don't exist. Underneath peoples exteriors maybe something that you don't realize. Understand what other people are going through and that you can help them. Visualize yourself in someone elses shoes. Xist in the now. You will get through this eventually. Zone out people if you want but sometimes people will help you even when they dont want them too. 


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