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I`m a high school graduate and I`ve been thinking about going to collage to be an author. I got this site from one of my favorite teachers, Mrs.Foreman. I`m just trying to see if writing is the right place for me.

Message to Readers

This is for people who need help to start a character

Character Analysis/ Character need to knows

March 23, 2016


  • Name
  • Age
  • Birthplace
  • Job or school
  • Secrets
  • Favorite time of day
  • Who they trust
  • Collections
  • Last nightmare
  • First thing they think about in the morning
  • Fascinations
  • Embarrassments
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Last book they read
  • Favorite weather
  • Best habit
  • Worst habit
  • Earliest memory
  • Voice when speaking
  • Day structure
  • What does health mean to them?
  • What does god mean to them?
  • Home description
  • What makes them blush?
  • How old are they mentally?
  • Past/ present relationships? ¬†How did they affect them?
  • Happy childhood?
  • Obsessions?
  • Biggest fear?
  • Best thing that has happened to them
  • Worst thing that has happened to them
  • Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to them?
  • What is the one word you would use to define them?
  • idea of perfect happiness?
  • trait they most deplore?
  • trait they most deplore in others?
  • person do they most admire?
  • current state of mind?
  • What do they consider the most overrated virtue?
  • On what occasion do they lie?
  • What is the quality they most like in a man/woman?
  • What would they want to be other than human?
  • favorite writers?
  • favorite names?
  • greatest regret?
  • Motto?
  • favorite occupation?
  • What do they look like?
  • What do they like to wear?
  • What was their role in their family growing up?
  • What were they most proud of as a kid?
  • What did they find terribly embarrassing as a kid?
  • What was their first best friend like?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What annoys them?
  • What makes them laugh?
  • Are they a dog or a cat person?
  • What season do they enjoy most?
  • What do they feel most passionately about?
  • Do they drink alcohol?
  • What trait do they find most admirable in others?
  • Do they want a job that helps people or a job that makes money?
  • left or right handed?
  • dream job?
  • any romantic relationships? And if they ended, why did you break up?
  • relationship now?
  • kill anyone? If yes, why?
  • die for anyone?
  • make friends quickly?
  • Turn ons?
  • Turn offs?
  • Favourite color and food?
  • Favourite book/genre?
  • most treasured possession?
  • deal with stress?
  • Favourite joke?
  • weakness?
What makes them
  • Anxious
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Jealous


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