Peer Review by Scarf Bandit (Ireland)

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Good Luck

By: ~DreamerGirlLostInAColorlessWorld~


I cried myself to sleep last night again,
It seems I’m not allowed any peace or rest.
Every time I see you my heart beats out of my chest,
But you never look my way.
I’ve seen your Snapchat story,
And all of your Instagram posts.
Your 11:11 says you’re crushing,
Your Instagram posts are all quotes about love.
I thought we had something for a while,
You were flirting with me but I guess that was just luck.
I keep apologizing for our past,
But I’m done with that, tired of feeling guilty.
So I say now good luck,
I wish you the best of love.

Peer Review

It is a very relatable piece, one that I believe a lot of people can understand since the love scene is very convoluted these days.

I think that everything is perfectly expressed in this poem, and tied up at the end nicely.

Reviewer Comments

Very enjoyable piece! Nice flow to the piece, and modernised with the use of Instagram and Snapchat.