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Pit Bulls

March 22, 2016

    Animals are beautiful but can be dangerous. Most animals we associate ourselves with have a great balance between calm and aggression. These factors make up our decision in which we humans keep as pets, like dogs, cats, and hamsters for example. Even though we think of these animals as safe enough to keep in our home, some people want something different and even on the verge of deadly. Even though these exotic animals need permits to be held by someone, there is one pet that is also viewed as one of the most dangerous and deadly pets to have, and I frankly don’t understand why that is. Pit bulls are an absolutely beautiful group of many dog breeds and yet they are feared and outlawed in many places in America.
    Pit bulls were bred to be working dogs and to be very loyal to the trainer or owner, but now they have been used for fighting with other dogs. People have grown to associate the dogs original personality with these fights but it's not the dogs’ fault, we are the ones who make them fight. They have been labeled as dangerous and aggressive but in reality it's us that are the dangerous creatures. We are the ones to train them to be vicious, but we don’t get the bad rep like them. They only want to please their owner and would do anything to please them, but after a time of neglect and torture that many of the fighting dogs face, they stop caring and can turn aggressive towards the person that it treating them badly.
    Pit bulls were first bred to bait bulls, then evolved to doing many other jobs like being farm dogs. They were eventually brought into the house to be nanny dogs because they were very gentle with children. Dogs of this category even later in history went on to work with the military as war dogs and some of the first K-9 dogs. It’s hard to say when people began to use these dogs for fights, but we can say that the same abilities that make them good for agility and obedience tests have made them more attractive to people looking for fighting dogs. These dogs now have a reputation of being dangerous because of these people despite their actually tendencies. This bad reputation is common mainly because people are being misinformed about the truth behind the fighting rings, and that the dogs weren’t meant for being aggressive. Some of this misinformation is to be blamed on the media. Starting off all you would hear about is what pit bull attack happened. They never truly got good media until recently, at least that is what I’ve seen. People fear and blame the dog even though most of these dogs can be trained easily and to where they are completely safe. The dog isn’t the issue, it's the person controlling it.


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