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Sarah Grimson


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Constructive but not too harsh.


March 11, 2015

PROMPT: Floating


Freedom. Never again shall we be bound by the chains of law as we, have defied nature, beaten nature. To what do we owe the pleasure of drifting, gliding, and bouncing in the air? The springs and the polypropylene, the tools and hours spent making it. For we have the wings of man always floating. Floating up and down, in and out of clouds, if only. I felt free for a minte like none and nothing could hold me down. I wasn't tied to a port like a boat, always under control. I felt wild and free. But the ground is our home, not the sky. We float all the time in all health, we are dreaming in the clouds, the palace of God where we drift like angels to our destination and living in the water, like swimming with an unlimited supply of air. Never shall our people bring us down when we can fly, escape and float. But all is the same, all the same results when man, woman or child is on a trampoline. 

Not sure if this will make sense to you, it is about how I feel when I float on a trampoline. I would REALLY like a second oppinion on thi. Please give constructive critism but not too harsh. Thanks.


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