Peer Review by Scarf Bandit (Ireland)

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By: pencils.and.paper.roses


I can’t see it
I can only hear it 
surging through the air
like an electrical current 
released from its wire 

sirens singing
a piercing shriek
as they rush to death 
and part the waters
through fear of the future

death is imminent
death holds on 
and strokes you with firey breath
ensuring that your own breath

I heard sirens outside since I live pretty close to a fire station and these lines started running through my mind. I hope it doesn’t freak you out XD 

Peer Review

An interesting thought process, and a creative mind! It is a cool poem based off of such a simple interaction.

I think there is sufficent detail in this poem for us to understand its meaning, which is good on the writer's part ^_^

Reviewer Comments

I like your style of poetry, it is a simplistic yet flow of thought that forms lines to a flowing river of a story. Awesome work!