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Allen Brien

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Gun Control: My Opinion

March 22, 2016

Gun Control
There are many problems that that the U.S. faces today, and one of the biggest and most controversial is gun control. There are varying thoughts that involve the extent to which we should be limiting guns. One thought is that all guns should be made unavailable to all citizens. The next, less extreme method is that they should be only available to members of the police, members/ veterans of the military, and other members of authority. Our current situation with guns in North Dakota is that you must have a permit to carry both long guns and handguns and they must be certified and registered, but you do not need any type of permit to purchase a gun.
Gun laws should be stricter. Many people think that making guns harder to get is going to make the number of people who are shot go down, which I actually think may be true, but then the number of people who are hit with blunt objects will increase. I think that the gun laws are currently strict enough. The Constitution says that we all have our own freedom of speech and freedom of religion but we are not forcing people to acquire their own permits to practice those freedoms so why, if it is also our constitutional right to “bear arms,” do we need a permit? It is because people use guns as an excuse for their own misdeeds.    
There is inconclusive evidence involving the highest death rates correlating to the least restrictive gun laws. In the states where the homicide using a gun as a weapon rates were the highest, half of them had the lowest gun laws, however the top state, North Dakota, did have the least restrictive, but it has also had an increase in crime rates since the oil boom.
Guns kill people. That is the mindset of many people today. Not once have I ever heard a story where a gun just started magically floating, turned to aim at someone, and fired. Anytime that a gun was involved in the death of someone, that someone was killed by someone else or theirself. People kill people.
Guns do not cause violence, guns are not weapons. People are violent by nature, and guns are oftentimes their tools. Guns are just tools, knives are just tools, screwdrivers, hammers, saws - all different tools, which have their own uses, but they can be made into weapons. A gun’s main use is self defence. The only time a gun may be used as a weapon is for hunting only.


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