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Theories on World ending

March 22, 2016

So I’ve actually been thinking, what kind of theories do people make up in their head about the world coming to an end or how it will happen or even when it will happen? The most worldwide known ending was suppose to be December 21st, 2012 because that’s when the Mayan calendar ended and there was a movie on it, so obviously it got everyone on a hype. This theory to me made absolute no sense!!!! Like, Australia is already a day ahead of us!! Other theories that have been said are such as…..
  1. Nuclear wars was also another scare for the public. After the cold war happened it advanced to the idea of us having a nuclear war.
  2. Asteroids will hit the Earth!!!!!!! Yeah maybe they will, but why cause a problem when there is no solution from us avoiding the hit.
  3. Our north and south poles are going to completely switch! And if it ever happened, continents would move opposite ways or just sink to the bottom of the ocean. While this happens, natural disasters would occur. People question this theory by asking, why hasn’t this happened yet? Well it’s a natural phenomenon that would occur about every 250,000 years. But how?? The world has ended.
Why are these theories even created? Why do people even think about the world ending?
    Well, people these days are curious and paranoid about situations that they only make up in their head.
    The reason people talk/think about the world ending is because there is monuments that people overthink and there are predictions. For example..
  1. The blood moon prophecy supposedly says how Jesus will come back and kill all of us, but Pastor Hagee said that, that was a true hoax but isn’t related to a religious authority.
  2. The Large Hadron Collider, which is a big science experiment that is said to be a black hole when you open it and Satan will step through into this world.
  3. One of the main reasons why people believe the world is going to end is because they’ve been told that “Oh!!! An asteroid is gonna hit Earth!” But no, that is not true because if there was an asteroid that big to basically kill off the Earth, it would’ve been found years ago.
  4. Another big one is the stock market crashing. If that ever happened, this world would turn itself into a big Hunger Games.
My theories on world ending is actually somewhat dumb. Why are we thinking about something that has a small chance of happening when we should be thinking about the now? I don’t know why people try coming up with theories when they should just let it be.


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