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Roni Downs

United States

Why Don't Students Like School

March 22, 2016

    I feel like students don't like school because their teachers don't have a full understanding of certain  cognitive principles and therefore don't teach us as well as they could. They don't present material in ways that appeal best to students mind. Presumably, if teachers go by how the mind works then students would love school, because they would feel like the teachers are teaching the lesson in a way that they can learn it more easier.  Ask any school child why they didn't like school and they’ll tell you something like “ I hate school, it’s so boring “ They might not use not use those words, because they’re too polite, or maybe they’ve already been brainwashed to believe that school os for their own good and therefore it cain’t be prison. But decipher their words and the translation generally is, “I hate school it's boring”.
    But anyone who knows anything about children and who allows himself or herself to think honestly should be able to see through this rationalization. Children, like all human beings, crave freedom. They hate to have their freedom restricted to a large extent they use their freedom precisely to educate themselves. They are biologically prepared to do that. Children explore and play, freely, in ways designed to learn about the physical and social world in which they are developing. In school they are told they must following their interest and , instead, do just what they teacher is telling them they must do, that is why they don't like school.
As a society we could,perhaps,rationalize forcing children to go to school if we could prove that they need this particular kind of prison in order to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become good citizens, to be happy in adulthood, and to get good jobs. Many people, perhaps most people, think this had been proven, because the educational establishment talks about it as if it has, but, in truth, it has not been proven at all.
    In fact, for decades,families who have chosen to “unschool” their children have been proving the opposite. Children who are provided the tools for learning,including access to a wide range of other people from whom to learn, learn what they need to know and much more through their own self directed play and exploration. There is no evidence at all that children who are sent to school come out better than those who are provided the tools and allowed to use them freely.
    Every new generation of parents,and every new batch of fresh and eager teachers, hears or reads about some”new theory” or “new findings “ from psychology that, at long last, will make schools more fun and improve learning. But none of it has worked, and none of it will until people face the truth that children hate school because in school they are not free, joyful learning requires freedom.


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