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Possibility of the Living Undead

March 22, 2016

Most nightmares are made from fear. Fear can range from a variety of things: rational and irrational. Simple things such as heights, needles and spiders to vampires, ghosts and the monster under your bed. Fear of fictional things isn’t all that bad considering it’s not real. But what if your fictional fear comes to life? What if your irrational fear of zombies suddenly becomes a real issue?
If zombies were to become a real thing, which isn’t entirely impossible, they would hardly be similar to their cinematic representation. They would unlikely be rotting, slow and brainless killers with a taste for brains. Instead they would be hunger driven, half intelligent and mortal but dangerous predators.
In the case that zombies were to be a problem, living near a graveyard wouldn’t matter. In the case of a zombie apocalypse, living near a graveyard wouldn’t mean immediate death. This is for two reasons. One being the coffins we bury people in are not that easy to open, trust me I live next to a graveyard. The other being that the zombie virus most certainly needs a living host not a dead one.
Now for the tricky part. The virus itself. Rumors of the government testing the virus and almost succeeding scatter the internet and history. The actual formula is much different than zombie legends throughout history. Apparently the idea of the walking dead is a catchy and popular nightmare inducer.
Zombies weren’t originally called ‘zombies’ but Zombi. The myth started in Haiti. The early zombies were crafted with tales of witchcraft and necromancy. Usually a powerful bokor raised these unnatural zombies from their graves to become mindless thralls.
The most terrifying thing about zombies is what they’d actually be like. They would be just as fast as you or me, or even faster because I’m very slow. They would be driven by the basic human need to eat. Most animals with a disease have the sadistic tendency to want to spread the disease.
Like any thrill seeking rebellious teen, I spend hours gaming, watching movies and surfing the internet. Through those activities you can learn a lot about the media's representation of the living undead. In games like Black Ops and Black Ops Two, the zombies came from an exposure to Element 115 which is called Divinium in the game but is Ununpentium in real life. In a book called Sherrilyn Kenyon, the ‘zombies’ are controlled by a spell.
Like most diseases, it would be shared through blood, open wounds, bodily fluids, or the highly doubtful possibility of skin-to-skin contact. So the media got the ‘zombie bite can turn you’ thing mostly right. But don’t worry! These zombies were once your neighbors, teachers, peers, family, and enemies. They were human. Well, they still are just crazy and hungry enough to want to eat you. But this means they can be killed like any old human! They may not be able to feel pain though depending on the diseases varying in the virus. This is good if you want revenge on an enemy, but bad because you might have to decapitate your best friend.
Essential diseases and ‘drugs’  that may contribute to the virus are rabies, the drug Krokodil (Depomorphine) or cannibalism . Though additional variations such as high levels of adrenaline for extra speed and strength, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain for a very not willing to slow down zombie, and stoner zombies for the ones that can get real hungry and are more likely to eat you. Also for a slower deteriorating zombie, a human variation of mad cow disease is applicable.
Zombies are completely possible so don’t think you’re too safe with this knowledge. Everyone knows the government does strange experiments and doesn’t tell us. Different governments around the world experiment with disease, life forms, and mutations. Add enough research and a knowledge obsessed scientist and you may find yourself face-to-face with a stage one zombie.
In conclusion, yes, zombies can be real. They can also be very dangerous depending on variations. We know there is nothing the government won’t do to outsmart other countries so what would stop them from doing this?


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