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Ally Byzewski

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Are You In Or Out?

March 22, 2016

Isn’t it nice having to stay inside for 7 hours of the day. Also if you're in any other schools activities you get to stay inside even more. It just makes me feel so stressed having all this homework and knowing that I won't have time to do anything else. I just love not being able to go outdoors and do my own thing!
    One of the reasons that kids nowadays are not able to go outdoors and enjoy some fresh air is because they get so much homework that they aren’t able to do anything else because that is made their first priority. When teachers give children more homework with the thought that it will help them learn more, they were wrong. A little homework can help and is fine but when given too much the results can be counter productive for students of any age. With all this extra homework children are having to take 2-3 hours out of their day to finish it. There is no other time to converse with family members or even sit down and have dinner because they are stuck having to do homework the whole night. Homework should not cause all these problems and therefore preventing anytime for a person from just enjoying their life instead they are pushed to work work work!
    Most children in high school will on average get about 2-3 hours of homework a night. Since they receive so much homework some parents think that their children aren’t doing anything in school and may be upset with their child's performance. This then stresses the child out and makes them think that they should improve and do better when they are already doing the best to their abilities. With all the pressure that students are under they will most likely become stressed. Being stressed is not a good thing for anybody. Stress can cause depression, loss of sleep, heart diseases and many other threatening things to your body. Nature is a way to take away that stress.
    It is said that when you are stressed you will have high levels of what is called cortisol. When you go outside and walk around the natural sound and essence of nature can help lower your cortisol levels and your heart rate, which helps relieve stress. Even just being outdoors for a couple minutes can help get you some fresh air that can make you feel relieved and ready to handle your next task.
    By North Dakota’s school regulations, you are to be in school for at least 6 hours a day. I myself am usually at school for about 8 hours on a day when I don't have any sports or other activities, but around basketball season I am there for about 10 hours. That is almost half my day. I don’t get time to go home and do something in the nice weather that we have that day because by the time I get home, or finish my homework, it is already dark out. As said by the national wildlife federation, children nowadays are becoming more obese, tuned out, and stressed out. The cause for this is that not enough children are going outdoors. When children go outdoors they stay active, are able to absorb key nutrients that they need for development, and can even help their vision later on. Also if you go outside for a couple minutes you can become more focused and relaxed which can help you while doing work in school.
    Although some may argue that we need homework to be ready for higher schooling like college. They always say that they are preparing us for whatever the next level of school is from elementary to middle to high school to college and then onto getting a job. If they keep focusing on getting us ready for the next level they they will lose focus on the level that were on right now and that’s the one that we are all just trying to get through before moving onto the next.


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