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Kenneth Sorensen

United States

college should be free

March 22, 2016

Most people plan on going to college after high school but never do. This is because college is either too expensive or they don’t want to be paying student loans until they’re 50. I think that college should become free or at least have cheaper tuition. They should have a affordable shared tuition. You used to have to pay for your kids to go to school grades k-12, but people got that changed to being free. Bernie Sanders also thinks that college should be free. Rutherford Hayes was the first president to support free college and this is a quote from him, “liberal and permanent provision should be made for the support of free schools.” Hayes wanted everyone to be able to go to college and be able to get educated.
If college was free there would be a lot more educated people and there would not be as many people working at Burger King until they're 30. Unemployment rates in the United States would drop. If there is more educated people there would probably be more doctors and lawyers and more jobs that benefit society in  a whole. If college was free there would be less homeless people and more people would actually want to go to college and maybe high school.
If college was free there would be a way higher success rate for landing a career job and not getting fired. There would be less stress in people’s life without having to deal with really dumb people. I think that if it was free then the death rate in the U.S. would go down  a just a little bit. There would be not as many dumb people in the U.S. so there would not be as many deaths due to stupid accidents on the job or off the job.
Many people are going to ask where the funding for this is going to come from. An option is that the student work for the university and the money that they make goes to the university and the university gives them free dorm room.  Another option would be too raise dorm prices to cover the lossed money in free or cheaper collage. I think that the first option is the best. You would not have to pay for college and you also get free housing for just working for the university.


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