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I'm a slow thinker/writer ^^.

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It was fun writing this. A little embarrassing but fun!

Our Generations

March 11, 2015

A girl and her friends sit on the bed. Boys being boys in the park. Cats being lazy in the living room. Dogs burying bones in the dirt. Everything seems so unreal. Families hanging out after dinner and watching TV together. Games might be played instead but they're all too full. Happiness and laughter are all over. I feel very sick just hearing it. Jerking off in the bathroom is so typical of the boys. Kids these days are becoming a little more shameless each generation. Lots of girls are provoking guys to go fuck them. Many of them end up pregnant. Nobody wants to acknowledge it. Our society allows the girls to kill it. Poor unborn baby was not at fault, nor its mother or father. Questions about what to do rise. Resentment rises, and a decision is made. Stupid kids having kids. Today, the girl will present her decision to everyone. Unhappy parents reluctantly agree. Vivi will be the child’s name. Why, because 'Vivi' in Spanish means lived. X-rays and ultrasounds are done to see how the baby is progressing. Young girls are becoming young mothers. Zzzz is the sound the babies will hopefully make soon.


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