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I love to read and write. I like the books Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, and Wings of Fire. I could rant for hours about Percy Jackson. I think Keefe is best for Sophie. I like the night sky too. I also believe in Jesus Christ.

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Bled for the Beauty

May 22, 2019


I bled as I wrote,
drops of sweat clung to my brow.
Within the dim candlelight,
my heart pounded mercilessly
as my fingers ached and scribbled.

The ink was bold and dark,
across the paper, words were strung.
A signal idea,
more added to the melody the words formed.
The plot drove on,
dark and sad.

To laugh on paper,
to form tears,
the author, so cruel.
Starborne skies,
and boundless possibilities.
Characters of dreams
fleshed within the ink blood of their creators.

Dark glades and sunshine meadows,
fluttering butterflies.
Moon shadowed pools,
clear lagoons.
Beauty within the pain,
suffering, endless hours,
hunched and aching,
Everything just so dull.

Finally, all my bleeding,
my future arthritis,
broken pen,
maybe even sprained fingers.
It's over, finished.
My books can finally be closed,
all loose ends tied.
The relief, the accomplishment.
I am free from that shackled journey,
and my work is beautiful from my blood, sweat, and tears.


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