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Aniliese Meyer

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Why it's Not Out of the Ordinary to Hate Everyone

March 22, 2016

People can do great things. We console one another when we are upset. We may save each others lives, or even do simple tasks such as loaning a neighbor a cup of sugar. But then again there are those that smack their food, talk like they have never gone to school, or have the most absurd morals. My only question is, why are people so annoying?
    Sitting in class, walking along the street, at the movie theater, in the very comfort of your own home, there are people all around doing annoying things and being completely and unbelievably ignorant and stupid. It is almost cringe worthy to listen to Donald Trump spew nonsense about how he “received a small loan of one million dollars” and “times haven’t been easy for him” when people have been living check to check for years. Or how Justin Bieber believes that Anne Frank was a great girl, and only wishes she would have been a “Belieber” even though she was being starved and watching her people be beaten and murdered before her innocent eyes.
    I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, and then I check social media. I see things like, “What’s Obama’s last name?” and immediately want to leave the country. I brush it off and give the poor idiot the benefit of the doubt. I then arrive at school where people say things like, “potatoes can’t have chromosomes they aren’t alive,” and “if Abraham Lincoln helped free the slaves, did he free the slaves in Mexico too?” To have to sit and listen to these incompetent imbeciles attempt intelligence and fail so greatly lowers my IQ levels and causes my own intellectual failures.
Anyone would be irritated by the couple blocking the stairs and having a full blown makeout session because they just can’t stand being away from each other for an hour. Normal people can’t stand the constant chewing, no, smacking of gum in the middle of a huge final. The average person wouldn’t react too kindly to being glared at in the hall or to a group of people that make your life a living hell for their own personal gain.
The person I love to hate most is, that’s right, Mr. Donald Trump himself. The man who would like to run our country simply because he is a multimillionaire and has “power.” Mr. Trump is a prime example of ignorance and idiocy. This is a man who believes “if Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, how can she satisfy America?” stated in a Tweet that was later removed. Also, he believes that if his daughter, Ivanka, weren’t his daughter he would surely have a relationship with her. Despite how completely disgusting and ignorant he is, he has many followers and is far in the running for presidency.
There are idiots everywhere, there is no escaping it honestly. So what do we do about it? Well there are two options. One: either you sit there silently and listen to the world of idiocy around you. Or two: clearly state your feelings about the lack of intelligence in the world. If people don’t speak up, the chain of idiocy will flow on and on and the world will become a dark and stupid place.


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  • Seeley

    I'm not gonna read it but ur doing gr8

    over 2 years ago