Theresa Mays

United States

I am a very shy, but outgoing teenager. I write because I don't talk well to others. This is my outlet for my depression.

Message to Readers

I would like to see if people can understand my writing in this piece. It's kind of hard to understand

The Truth Within His Eyes

March 22, 2016


The truth within his eyes
The pain he tries so desperately
To hide, himself away inside
A wall he's built, so thick and high

I find it harder now to breathe
Than when he was standing here with
Me, inside this world of
Hurt and pain so over full

For inside my mind I always
Find a secret special kind
Of serenade, and contemplate what
I was like before his eyes

For I myself now have to
Hide the love that I once felt
Inside, separated from the
Proof, of one who truly loved me too

For as the days grow long and
Brighter, I find suddenly that
My heart has grown lighter and
I find myself searching for him

In every single passing
Glance I find myself wishing for
Romance, and hoping to find the 
writer who stole my heart

A musician who plays and
Writes the universe who held
my hand as I cried and sang me
to sleep in the night

In love I fell with his
sorrowful and promising eyes
In the way the stars come out as
The sun fell from the sky

His sadness was in losing
His love he knew he'd found
I long to be with him,
Wherever he may be found

For the love I found who
sang so sweet, and looked with 
Truth into my eyes, My one 
Love within the ground lies.

He is dead, and I with him


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