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Janee Harris

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School Should Start Later

March 22, 2016

School Should Start a little Later
Is school making us teens sleep deprived? Why should we start so early? What’s the benefits of starting early? Us teens are always complaining about how tired we are, and the answer is always your phones, tv's, and video games, but are those the only things that are making us tired?
There has been many research for this question and one theory is that maybe school is starting way too early. The fact that we have extracurricular activities, jobs, homework, and family obligations puts a lot on our plate so we need enough sleep to get through our day. Not only do we need a good night of sleep but we also need to feed our bodies so we have enough carbohydrates to get through our day, but that energy doesn’t matter when we don’t have sleep. We need time to rest our bodies
In the Time Magazine that was issued for February 22nd-29th, 2016 on pages 21-22 it tells us why we can’t sleep at night and how they tried pushing school to start later but many problems arose. First we may not have the funds to switch times for the bus routes.  The second problem was, how are parents going to drop most of their kids off if they start work around the time school starts?
There is so many ways to get us kids from being sleep deprived. I was thinking what if we had shorter class periods or even night classes, would that work?
Let me give you an idea on how things would go wrong if we don’t change our schools to start at least an hour later. If we sleep in late due to whatever, we’re going to wake up crabby and if we wake up crabby, we are going to go to school late, and if we get to school late, we aren’t going to want to work in school, or be attentive, and if we don’t work then we will receive F’s in all of our classes, and if we receive F’s we would have no self- motivation to keep moving forward to go to college or even graduate high school, so  then we become bums, and if we become bums we would make the population of poor people high. It’s a sad story and easy to prevent this from happening by letting us start later!
When you’re in college you have a choice to take morning classes or not. I’m sure that most would take later morning classes so their minds would be prepared for the oncoming day. Studies show that we do need our sleep to get a start on our day.
So take the time to think about starting school at 8:00 am. Maybe we should start at 9:00 am or 10:00 am. We would appreciate it more. When we have our late starts we are very appreciative to be starting an hour later and we are more alive and attentive to class.  
So technically speaking this would be beneficial to everyone around the board.
Let’s just consider it.


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