Food For Thought

May 28, 2019

There is one word that inspires all connoisseurs, chefs and cooks. We probably all already know what it is.
It does not only appeal to them. It appeals to all of us. Living without this would threaten our very existence. Not having this would completely change the world. The human body can only survive for three weeks without food. After that, we would perish. This is why we need to value our food. Meanwhile, as you are reading this, people in Haiti, Zambia, Yemen, Ethiopia and many other countries are experiencing hunger. As we all enjoy our three or more meals at home, these people are looking for food, knowing that they will not find any. Think about the number of people who die every day because they do not have enough to eat. Compare their life to ours, in which we can just walk a few metres or drive a few minutes to find food. Food wastage is a big problem in this world and it is not easy to stop it. However, you can do your part to help these people. All of us probably have a donation drive for food someplace in the countries we live in, but it is just that we never bother to find it as all the extra food that we have are dumped into the bin and disposed of. Why don’t we take the leftover food that can still be consumed and donate it for the good of these less rich people? It really is not that difficult.
Have you ever seen people who dig around in dustbins to find food? Life for them is definitely not easy. Every hour or so, they dig around aimlessly, looking for food in public bins.
Experts say that there is too much food, but it's just that it is in the wrong places and it is not spread in accordance with equity and equality. The biggest problem is that people in these less privileged countries grow food that they sell to big companies for a small price and the companies sell this food for a much higher price, making it such that the people earn so little and yet have not enough food as their food is all sold to these money-hungry companies.
We live in big communities that require lots of food, and we are just taking what we want without caring about the growing communities. What we want is probably much more than what we actually need, which is why we have so much leftover. When we go to grocery stores, we buy too much, which makes these stores buy and import more from other places to meet our needs. What we can do to help is make our needs lesser so that people in less privileged countries can meet their needs. Without non-profit organisations that help these people, imagine how many more people would be suffering. These people already have help, but it is just that they need more. From us. If all the 7.7 billion of us in the world join and stop wasting food, imagine how much we can do. I don’t think death is a pleasant thought for all of us. Every day, the people in these less privileged countries think and wonder when they would starve to death and perish. Unless we stop this and help them, millions more will die.
Why don’t we just provide more help by doing our part, simply watching what we buy and how much of it we buy, and we can change these less privileged people’s lives, one meal at a time.


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