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By: WriteCodeSleep

     While the golden age of technology is just starting to develop, many A.I.'s and computers, where I get my info and news from, not only learn to start creating fake videos, but people are also writing blogs about fake topics in attempt to earn. You may ask for the evidence of how it's true, but according to experts, many A.I's now have the ability to automatically imitate the facial features, and expressions, to even create a video of a different person. Also, another professional news reporter, Denise Ordway, have stated how there even are occurrences of fake news articles that have been written on famous news platforms.
     The internet isn't as reliable as it seems, but there are also the main reliable sources that I know can be used, which are parents and teachers. Although parents are prone to misinformation, they would usually do more research on a topic before actually informing their children. The major reason I trust teachers is because they are evaluated on the accuracy of their lessons as a student teacher, thus being very unlikely to spread a hoax to their students while taking a lesson. I use parents and teachers as my most used source of news and info because they are capable of determining whether or not the source of the information use was accurate. Also, they are known to give information in a fair amount.
     Another source that I largely use to get my resources is the internet. Since the internet is a risky source of information, as I had mentioned in the first paragraph, I usually either ask my parents or teachers for verification and use articles only written from verified specialists.
     The internet is becoming a huge source of information, but what are your ways that you prevent yourself from going into misconceptions? Finally, where do you get your news?

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It lets me know that he is not copying other people's work and claim that the work is originally by him. But, he gives the reader a further source to research on their own about the topic.

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Thank you for your peer review on my diary entry 13!!!!!