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Dress Codes of ND

March 22, 2016

    Have you ever been dress coded or sent home because your clothes were “too inappropriate”? Did you think my clothes have nothing wrong with them? Well you probably thought that because there was nothing wrong with them. School dress codes are getting too ban happy with clothing. Have you ever sat down and actually looked at a school’s dress code. There are ridiculous rules that don’t let kids express themselves. I think the only rules we should have is if the clothing or accessory endangers someone’s health or safety.
    Here in Grand Forks our dress is code is a little more relaxed than other cities, but we still have pretty meaningless rules we have to follow. Here are the Grand Forks Public School’s Dress Code:
  • Clothing with rips or holes
  • Clothing that has a derogatory saying or has a double meaning of sexual, illegal, or derogatory meaning
  • Any clothing, accessory, or makeup that draws excessive attention to an individual.
  • Clothing that advertises tobacco, alcohol, etc. that is dangerous to one’s health
  • No spiked clothing or accessory and chains
  • No hats, bandanas or any other headwear unless wearing for religion or medical reasons
If you ask me, only three of those rules actually make sense. I believe the only three that actually make sense are any spiked clothing or accessory, clothing that advertises tobacco and alcohol, and clothing that has a derogatory saying or has a double meaning of sexual, illegal, or derogatory meaning because all of those things could affect someone's health. None of the other rules have an impact on someone’s health. There is one rule that bothers me so much though and that is any clothing, accessory, or makeup that draws excessive attention to an individual. How do you expect people to be different and find their own style. Grand Forks is trying to create clones of us. They want us to be the same. They say it is for our “health and safety”, but we should automatically be safe in a school. I’m sorry, but I come to school to learn and be safe from someone that wants to hurt me and if school can’t provide safety then why should I go and risk my life.
    The next school I’m about to talk about you all probably know since this school made national news for showing “Pretty Woman” to their students. Devils Lake, now there is a dress code to dislike. Grand Forks is pretty relaxed now compared to Devils Lake. I have looked and looked for their dress code, but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. We all know their one main rule is no yoga pants, leggings, skinny jeans, etc. can be worn during school unless covered by another piece of clothing. I don’t own a single pair of jeans. Some of those girls probably don’t either, but according to Devils Lake administration they are too distracting for male students and teachers. It is too distracting to teachers! Can you believe that? I mean this isn’t any different than any other school that has this policy, but it also is. They showed “Pretty Women” to their students. The main character of this movie is a prostitute. Devils Lake administration claimed that there wasn’t any intent on referencing students to being hookers or prostitutes, but let's be real why in the world would you show that if you weren’t referencing something about students. Devils Lake said there intent was showing their students how people perceive them with wearing leggings and yoga pants. Personally I don’t think anyone sees young females that wear leggings and yoga pants as a slut.
    The next school is Dickinson with their many unnecessary and meaningless dress code rules. Here are Dickinson High School’s dress code:
  • Clothing that has a derogatory saying or has a double meaning of sexual, illegal, or derogatory meaning
  • Strapless or backless shirts or sundresses (Tank tops muscle shirts, tube tops, mesh tops, sheer tops, halters, crop tops, tops that don’t have at least two inch wide sleeves, must cover stomach area and all undergarments, including bra straps.) Neckline on shirts can not go lower than top of one shoulder to the other shoulder.
  • Dresses, skirts, and shorts have to be 5 inches or longer. If they are shorter but have leggings, tights, spandex or something else they will be allowed. Pants that are sagged will not be allowed. Pants that have holes, rips, or tears are not allowed.
  • Skin tight leggings/yoga pants/jeggings/athletic running tights are not allowed unless they have something longer that covers everything
  • Chains, studded jewelry, safety pins,or other items that pose a potential hazard.
  • Pajamas, slippers, or other sleepwear.
  • Clothing and personal items that promote musical groups whose lyrics are “explicit”
  • Sunglasses, permanently tinted dark glasses, or similar items unless medically necessary.
They have a lot of unnecessary rules for their dress code. Now I don’t know if they follow with these rules or not, but if they do they might as well put them in jumpsuits. They are taking away all their students freedom! Those kids probably like to dress however they want to, but they can’t because their freedom of to dress however they want is being completely taken away from them by the school. I could go on and on about this school and their ridiculous dress code. In my opinion you can’t just take away so many pieces of clothing. Pretty much everything I wear would be dress coded their since it is so strict. 
    So you probably wondered how come I picked those three schools in all the schools of North Dakota? Well I picked Grand Forks because I do live here, but also we have a pretty relaxed dress code compared to other schools. Then I picked Devils Lake because they have a semi-strict. I also don’t agree with their methods of handling that situation. Then I picked Dickinson because their dress code is through the roof strict. I picked three different schools with similar, but different dress codes. Now you can do the comparing and see which one you consider right. In my opinion though students just need to use common sense in what they should and shouldn’t wear. Also, Devils Lake stop slut-shaming your female students because one day they might be more successful than you. Also if you have a problem with male teachers you should probably hire new teachers, but that’s none of my business. All in all I think dress codes are unnecessary and students just need to use common sense.


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