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Writing's never been my strong suit - I've always found math much easier. There's always been something that's intrigued me about writing, though, especially creative writing. I'm hoping that by joining Write the World I can develop my writing style and learn to write in different genres. I am also hoping that learning to write better will help me with my songwriting, which is something that I really enjoy but occasionally struggle with because I can't find the right words. Also college admissions are this year and I want to be able to write a tolerable essay.


May 20, 2019

PROMPT: Refuge

My refuge is with her.

Not that she'd ever know. Not that she'd ever realize how much she meant to me.

But to me she was, is, everything.

When we were four years old, we'd lie on her bunk bed and look at the stars attached to her ceiling. This was when her parents were still together, when we lived on the same street, when her room was a pale blue and shared with her sister and mine was apricot like the sky during a sunrise. When we were nine, we'd sell lemonade on the street corner with her sisters. We had a vision of one day starting a business and making it rich. Back then, we'd squabble over petty things. "You shouldn't be friends with her. I'm your best friend" we'd shout. But it would all be over within a day. We couldn't stand to be apart. We were like twins, a classmate once said. We looked similar, dressed similar, and acted similar. We were inseparable.

Eighth grade came, and we didn't know what would happen next. I'd gotten the news that I might be moving out of the country. Meanwhile, she decided to go to a different high school from me. As it turned out, I stayed here. But she switched schools, and each of us started high school without a best friend at our sides. It felt like I had no one to turn to. There I was, fourteen years old, feeling like I'd lost the one person who truly understood me.

We still maintained contact. A text here and there, sometimes a full conversation. Occasionally, we even meet face-to-face. We'll take a trip to the city, or go get coffee, or browse the racks of the Goodwill that stands on the main street of our town. And for a moment, we forget ourselves. We're just two girls walking down the street, smiles on our faces.

And when I don't know where to turn, I turn to her. I have told her my deepest secrets, even the ones I cannot bear to tell anyone else. And she's told me hers. Under our breath in the back of a train car, or in the silence of a darkened bedroom, our secrets fly. Because with her, I feel safe.

So to the girl who will never read this but will always hold a special place in my heart,
you are my refuge.


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