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"Do something instead of killing time. Because time is killing you." – Paulo Coelho
"Fear has two meanings- Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise, the choice is yours" -Unknown
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May 20, 2019

PROMPT: Refuge

Refuge is the place in my imagination where I feel safe. Where I feel as though I can do anything, be anything, see anything. It's a place where I am sheltered from the craziness of reality and the everness of the universe. It's a place where fate doesn't decide what happens next, I do. It is my place. It is my peace. It is my space.
What refuge means to me is more that what is in reality. It's subliminal :O
Keep writing and inspiring the world,


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  • CreativeAngel

    Please come back on we miss you! It was great on here but it seems abandoned without all those old writers :(

    8 months ago