A Breath Into Silence

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I love rewriting things.

Mars #ADM.Poem

May 20, 2019


Close your eyes, don't look at our
travesty of an ending, buried six feet under in cairns of stolid stone,
marble forever left to tarnish under the heavens and their mocking light
    And turn away, close your ears,
ignore the shouts echoing from men with black-hole mouths and
women with eyes that burn into your heart;
I will hold my funeral now, and this is my elegy written by
pain and heartache just like it was always meant to be.
        Let there be --
    Do not let the standard flag!
we march to war, darling, to the beat of those ancient war drums.
Somewhere Mars is reveling in the chaos we cannot escape,
and I am afraid I do not wish to leave the cause, now,
        My dearest, I --
    not from me, but from you; your words echo hollowly
down the halls of my heart, and won't you let me go? bury me with the ghosts.
    This was my choice to make, and I first beat the drums.
To protect you, I have placed you safely with the stars in your eyes;
glitter brightly in the night sky so that you are my final vision of this world.
    And call me a hypocrite, but I cannot watch this world 
break apart starting with you, my queen, my king, sovereign
of a heart now pumping its last;
        Together, we'll go--
    I shake my head; we must not break together,
I will be the metal shields and broken swords clashing together a thousand times over;
you will become something better than the echo of already-brittle broken bones
        Dearest, I can't watch--
    The world fades to black;
has night fallen early? darling, I have lost you among the stars.
the only thing to hear is Mars' drunken laughter
for they have silenced the war drum of my heart
Mars, the Roman god of war. 


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