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Shayla Ouellette

United States

Why Are Girls So Mean?

March 21, 2016

    I’m sure you’ve noticed how mean teenage girls can be to each other. I found in an article on understanding teenagers, “Mean Girls: Why Teenage Girls Can Be So Cruel”, that adolescent girls being so mean to each other is called relational/social aggression. Rosalyn Shute, who attended School of Psychology in South Australia said that social aggressions is harming others through damaging their peer relationships, occurring more typically in adolescent girls than adolescent boys. Girls might pretend to like you, boys are just honest and be upfront about not liking someone. In an article on the Ophelia Project it explains how relational aggression can result in physical symptoms.
    These “mean girls” will do and say anything to make other’s feel badly about themselves. It can start as talking badly about someone, judging them, saying rude things to or about them. The “mean girls” might spread rumors, exclude you, make fun of what you wear and who you hang out with, and they can bully you at school or online.
There are many stories about how girls harass and be utterly mean to other girls. For example I found an article on WebMD, “Mean Girls: How To Deal With Them”, written by two Doctors of Philosophy, a group of girls would stare at the middle schooler, Anna, and make fun of her, walk by and laugh at her, and called her names and once told her she looked like “road kill.” She switched schools twice and the harassment still continued. She developed an eating disorder because she thought she was ugly and fat, then by 17, she had an alcohol problem and went to rehab. A 15 year old girl from a Massachusetts high school couldn’t handle the harassment killed herself.
    Maybe it’s because girls are more insecure than boys, or maybe it’s because girls think it’s funny to do that to someone. Or it could be because of a certain boy. In the WebMD article, it explains that it could be several reasons. They could be the “odd one out,” overweight, the one who isn’t as “attractive,” or saying “hi” to the “popular girl’s” boyfriend. The victims are usually not the “provocative victims,” it’s usually the “passive victims.”
    Some people might say the victims deserve it or what is happening to them isn’t that bad. But if you wouldn’t be okay with it happening to your child, it shouldn’t be any different for anyone else’s child. If your child was crying themselves to sleep or thinking about suicide, or even committing suicide, it must be a pretty terrible thing that is happening to that poor child.
    If girls could just be nice to everyone and stick together, we wouldn’t have this problem. Instead of blaming them right away or not liking them because of how they look or act, I think everyone could get along and be friends. Mean Girls have got to stop, it’s not fetch and it will never be cool.


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