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Hi, I'm Kacey Gibbs.

I'm a witch, queen of Narnia, victor of the hunger games, and head mage of Artime.

I suffer from abibliophobia and have a sleeping disorder called reading.

You can find me lost in a good book. :)

Message to Readers

The idea for this story began a while ago as a creative writing assignment for school. I would love to hear anything you have to say on what you liked, how to improve, what to change, etc. Thanks so much for your support and feedback!


May 18, 2019


    A man as old as time itself was walking along a sidewalk that stretched to forever. He had been walking for as long as he could remember. He didn't know where or in what direction he was going, he was simply going. He would know where he was going when he got there. 
    The wind howled. Leaves rustled. A low rumbling shook the Earth, breaking the peaceful silence that had loomed over him for what felt like an eternity. The world was changing, and he could feel it. The man trembled, but didn't pause for a moment. Nothing could disturb his walk, or so he thought. A figure had appeared on the horizon. It was stampeding toward him, but he just kept walking. As it drew ever closer, the man vaguely made out the shape of an elephant in the dim light of morning or evening. He wasn't sure which it was. Walking for years and years really disturbed your sense of time and direction. 
    The elephant began to slow, and came to an abrupt halt before the man. He tried to continue walking, but the elephant blocked his path. Stopping seemed unfathomable after all this time, so he continued walking in place, trying ever so hard to push past the creature to no avail. To his surprise, the animal spoke. "My name is Loxodonta. The universe sent me to find you. We need your help. The fate of the universe rests on your shoulders," it said, as though that would explain everything.
    Ah, great. An elephant with a name I'm surely never going to remember stampedes toward me and asks me to help it save the universe. This seems legit. 
    "Please! You have to help us! You're our only hope!" Loxy-what cried in despair. 
    Now its gone and tied Star Wars into this. You've got to be kidding me. The man sneered at the creature, but kept his thoughts to himself. 
    "Look I'm just trying to keep to the storyline here! And can you hurry up? I'm running out of page room," she snapped, as if reading his thoughts of disdain. 
    He let out an exasperated sigh. I suppose this is where I'm expected to climb onto its back and we run off and defeat evil villains, have great adventures, and save the world. Well, sorry Loxy-whatever, but I'm really not feeling it. Not today. Nope. He realized that the elephant was glaring harshly at him "We haven't even gotten to the setting! That is required!" she insisted.
    The frustrated man spoke for the first time in centuries," Of course we have!" he exclaimed. "A setting is just when and where a story takes place. Easy! Early morning," (it was getting a bitter lighter outside, so he had realized that it wasn't night),"And shall we just keep it simple and say at the beach? I mean, you've got your sand, your seashells. Palm trees. All your missing is the ocean. I think it counts."
    Loxodonta glared at him even harder. "You've just wasted half a page! We're out of room! What a terrible ending! Do you realize how confused the readers will be? How-" The man chose to block out any further comments she had for him. Well I think it's a very good ending, he thought matter of factly. What was wrong with a few unanswered questions anyway? That would allow the readers to decide how they wanted those questions to be answered for themselves. Readers choice. Yes, he liked the sound of that. Feeling succeeded and peaceful, he knew that his mission was finally complete. It had never been about his own story, but about those who heard it.


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  • Boogie With Stu

    Oh this is awesome, its a really good story, I love the elephant.

    4 months ago