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Mikayla Martin

United States

Birth Control in the Catholic Church.

March 21, 2016


  I thought about my controversial topic when someone asked, “What does the Catholic Church teach about birth control?” and I realized: Nothing. People just aren’t taught how to prevent pregnancy or illness in my religion. This made me really start thinking. Though abstinence until marriage has always been pushed at me whenever anyone brought it up at our youth meeting, I haven’t agreed with it.
  In case you aren’t Catholic or you just don’t understand our “law”- The “natural law,” that is, we aren’t supposed to take part in oral sex or use any contraceptives including condoms, spermacides, the “pull out” method, and birth control pills. The scripture I know of regarding birth control is Genesis 38:8-10. I also know Clement of Alexandria (a Catholic theologian) and others wrote of this, but most people only care about the Bible. The reason we’re supposed to follow this is sex is seen only as means of procreation. If you don’t want to have children, you shouldn’t be having sex. People shouldn’t have sex just because they want to, because sex is supposed to be only for procreation. It is taught that the pleasure of sex is yet another of God’s great gifts to strengthen the bond between husband and wife, but you should never take advantage of that.
  The simple fact of the matter is that we live in a new world now. We can’t continue to hide under our good little Catholic girl facades. Not only that, but people don’t realize: God didn’t write the Bible. He just didn’t. Followers of Jesus and other religious figures wrote it. I’m not saying that we should completely disregard the Bible, because I definitely own a few and I’m not burning them because I don’t agree with everything in it.
  Sex should be taken seriously, but if you want to have sex without a resulting baby, you should be able to do that. I’m sick of religious people looking down their noses at others and using their religion as an excuse. I am disgusted by people who can excuse things like rape but won’t accept people for who they are because their religion “compels” them. It isn’t your religion. It’s you thinking you’re above others and closing your mind and your eyes to the world around you.


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