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Hey guys please help me by telling me how I can improve this piece of writing!!! Thank you so much;)

Maybe? ... Perhaps? ...

March 21, 2016


The inclement weather made me wrap the thin jacket around my body tighter as I fearfully trudged back home. Well, what I guess was called home? I do not remember ever being welcomed there. The dark clouds and looming shadows made me think that danger was imminent. I was so close to home when what I saw in front of me rendered me inert. My first instinct was to recoil back as blood made me squeamish. Those who knew me well will bear testimony that I was not an emotional woman or one readily impressionable by any kind of human appeal. Therefore, they will wonder the more to learn that the doleful expression in his eyes changed my revulsion to a poignant sorrow. A wave of tenderness, that cannot be described, that could not be resisted, swept over me as I took a tentative step forward. How was he in such a condition? Was it perhaps an act of desist? Countless of unanswered questions filtered in and out of my mind. However, I put that aside as I knew getting him stitched and taken care of was of utmost salience.


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